10 Facts About Islam

Islam is a religion with followership of 1.8 billion people globally. The religion is founded on the belief of surrendering to God’s will to achieve peace. Islam believes that the world was made by God also referred to as Allah in Arabic. Let us find out 10 facts about Islam that might not be known to you:

1. Muslim means everything that subjects itself to the will of God. Plants and animals are Muslims since they fulfill God’s will through surrender.

2. Islam is a universal way of civilization and life. The religion, just like Christianity, follows the teachings of prophet Abraham and the first human beings, Adam and Eve.

3. Islam has five pillars which must be observed in totality for one to be called a true Muslim. The pillars include belief in one God and Muhammad as God’s prophet, making a formal prayer five times in a day, sharing 2.5 % of one’s wealth with the poor annually, daytime fasting during Ramadan, and pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime, subject to financial ability – read an article on four major beliefs of islam.

4. Islam has six articles of faith. The articles include belief in one God, the original scriptures as revealed to Moses, Muhammad, Jesus and David, all God’s true prophets, the angels, Judgement Day and destiny.

5. Muhammad is not the author of the Quran but God. Allah revealed it to him through angel Gabriel. Further, Muslims do not worship or pray through Muhammad. Islam is a worship of the unseen, omniscient God/Allah.

6. God is loving, merciful and compassionate. Allah is also all-knowing and a justified judge. Islam’s teachings balance between fear and hope to protect believers from becoming complacent or desperate.

7. God has revealed His 99 names or attributes in the Quran such as the Source of All Peace, All-Merciful, the Protector among others. Human beings can establish a detailed understanding of the Creator using these names.

8. Islam does not believe in vicarious atonement, that Jesus died to cleanse the sins of all people like Christians believe. According to the religion, every person will resurrect on the Judgement Day and be held accountable for every act and deed before God. Islam is therefore about trying to live a righteous life and pleading to be accepted and accorded God’s grace.

9. Muslims recite the five daily prayers facing Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Kaaba is a stone structure believed to have been built by Prophet Abraham together with his son Ishmael at the same spot where he built God’s temple. The Kaaba is a focal point in Muslim prayer unifying worshipers in worship and is not an object of worship. Kaaba is also a symbol of shared belief in Muslim prayer. The structure is empty.

10. The daily life of a Muslim is regulated by Sharia law. The law is derived from canonical texts, Quran and Muhammad’s sayings. Islam is a way of life and not just a belief system. Sharia laws cover many aspects of life such as economics, politics, marriage, morality, and spirituality among others things.